Finding Childcare for Our Special Needs Toddler

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Finding Childcare for Our Special Needs Toddler

My name is Ashley Grant. Thanks for stopping by my website; I hope to provide you with some helpful information. My husband and I have three children ages three, six and ten. I work part-time in the mornings while our two oldest are in school. I’ve always worked at least part-time so have some experience with childcare. The difference with our youngest is that she has Down Syndrome. She’s a sweet, easy toddler but obviously has special needs. We are very fortunate to have found excellent childcare for her. She is in a setting where she can socialize with a few other children while still getting the care she needs. I’m going to share how we went about finding childcare and how I was able to overcome the fear of leaving our baby girl with caretakers


Great Things About Becoming A Foster Parent

There are many children in the foster system who are living in group homes or other types of centers because there aren't enough foster homes for all of the children that need to be placed. If you have been tossing around the idea of becoming a foster parent, then you should really consider going through with it. There are a lot of reasons for becoming a foster parent and benefits to doing so. Here are just a few of them.

Help a child in need – One of the biggest and most rewarding things about becoming a foster parent is knowing that you are helping a child in need. You are giving them a home environment and a family they can count on to not only take care of their needs, but also to offer them support and to give them a home to think of as their own.

Help keep children together – The lack in available foster homes means that siblings must often be separated from one another. It is a horrible thing to have siblings torn from one another at a point in their lives when they need each other the most. Even if you aren't able to take in more than one foster child, becoming one more available foster home in the system means that there is an increased chance of siblings being able to be placed in the same home thanks to you.

Teach your children about giving – When you become a foster parent, you will be showing your children how to be there for other people who are in need by leading by example. You can show your children that they are blessed and then show them how to offer some of their good fortune to those less fortunate. This is a great way to teach them empathy.

Add to your own life – Foster children will also have wonderful traits to bring into your home as well. You may find that you learn things from the children you bring into your home that surprise you. While you may have become a foster parent for other reasons, enjoying the great things a foster child has to offer is just one more benefit you will get to experience.


If you decide to become a foster parent, then you want to get started on the process, as there will be a list of things you will need to do before you can begin taking in foster children. 

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