Finding Childcare for Our Special Needs Toddler

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Finding Childcare for Our Special Needs Toddler

My name is Ashley Grant. Thanks for stopping by my website; I hope to provide you with some helpful information. My husband and I have three children ages three, six and ten. I work part-time in the mornings while our two oldest are in school. I’ve always worked at least part-time so have some experience with childcare. The difference with our youngest is that she has Down Syndrome. She’s a sweet, easy toddler but obviously has special needs. We are very fortunate to have found excellent childcare for her. She is in a setting where she can socialize with a few other children while still getting the care she needs. I’m going to share how we went about finding childcare and how I was able to overcome the fear of leaving our baby girl with caretakers


Benefits Of Choosing A Daycare That Allows Online Payments

There are several different ways that you can pay for your child's daycare. Many daycares allow you to pay with cash, while paying with your bank card at the facility's registration area is also an option. More and more daycares today are allowing parents to pay online. Being able to pay in this manner may not be the biggest thing that you think about when you're signing your child up for daycare, but it can be a perk that you grow to appreciate over the coming months. Here are some benefits of choosing a daycare that allows parents to make online payments.

It's More Convenient

As a parent of one or more daycare-aged children, you likely strive to be as efficient as possible. Raising children is a time-consuming experience, so whenever you can do something that saves even a few minutes, it's likely to be appealing to you. You'll appreciate the convenience of your daycare accepting online payments. While in-person credit card payments tend to be quick, there might be several parents making payments ahead of you when you arrive at the daycare to pick your child up. Being able to skip the line and pay online will be more appealing.

You'll Get Payment Reminders

Given that you probably have a seemingly endless list of things on your mind at all times, it can be relatively easy to forget to pay for your child's daycare at the start of the month. The last thing that you want is the embarrassment of having a staff member remind you that you haven't yet paid — especially if you went through this interaction a month earlier. Many online payment systems will send you reminders a few days before your payment is due. This can dramatically reduce your risk of missing a payment.

You'll Have Proof of Each Payment

When you pay for daycare in cash, the staff member who receives the payment will hand you a receipt. However, there's always a risk that you might leave without taking a receipt — perhaps your child gets fussy or something occurs that distracts you and the staff member during the payment process, causing you to leave prematurely. It can be a difficult situation when you know you've paid but don't have a record of it. You'll avoid such problems by paying online and saving the online payment notification that you get by email each time you pay.

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