Finding Childcare for Our Special Needs Toddler

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Finding Childcare for Our Special Needs Toddler

My name is Ashley Grant. Thanks for stopping by my website; I hope to provide you with some helpful information. My husband and I have three children ages three, six and ten. I work part-time in the mornings while our two oldest are in school. I’ve always worked at least part-time so have some experience with childcare. The difference with our youngest is that she has Down Syndrome. She’s a sweet, easy toddler but obviously has special needs. We are very fortunate to have found excellent childcare for her. She is in a setting where she can socialize with a few other children while still getting the care she needs. I’m going to share how we went about finding childcare and how I was able to overcome the fear of leaving our baby girl with caretakers


Factors to Consider When Selecting a Child Care Center

Finding the right child care center can be a painstaking process for most parents. With the high number of child care centers around your neighborhood, it becomes hard to pick the right one.  

While sending your kid to a child care facility is a huge parenting milestone, you have to get it right. A high-quality child care center provides a safe, friendly, and engaging environment for kids to develop. But how do you ensure you are making the right choice? Well, here are a few factors worth considering when choosing a child care center.

First Impressions

First impressions are always important when trying to pinpoint the right daycare program. In most cases, you'll get the first impression when you visit the facility. 

The following questions might help you narrow down your list of potential child care centers:

  • Does the place seem friendly?
  • How does your kid feel about the place?
  • Are the caregivers friendly?
  • Is the environment ideal for your kid?

If a place gives you and your kid some good vibes, go for it!

Snacks and Meals

The health of your kid should be a priority when choosing a child care center. And that's why you should inquire about the facility's policies on meals and snacks. Does the facility provide meals, or does it require parents to pack food for their kids? If the facility provides meals, find out if the food they offer is healthy and nutritious. Also, ask how food allergies are handled and if there are alternative meals for kids with allergies. 

The Ratio of Staff to Kids

When touring child care facilities, you should ask about the ratio of staff to kids. A high-quality facility should have enough caregivers to take care of the kids. Children will learn and develop better if they are taught in small groups. Ideally, one caregiver should be in charge of a few children. 

Curriculum and Structure

If you want your kid to develop and grow intellectually, you have to choose a child care whose program is tailored according to your child's age. Take time to understand each center's curriculum or program. Get to know what lessons are taught and if they are age-appropriate. Finally, you should ensure that the curriculum creates ample time for play and fun activities.

Choosing the best child care center is not that easy, but with the help of this guide, the process will be much easier. Talk to a child care center, such as ABQ Childcare, to learn more.