Finding Childcare for Our Special Needs Toddler

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Finding Childcare for Our Special Needs Toddler

My name is Ashley Grant. Thanks for stopping by my website; I hope to provide you with some helpful information. My husband and I have three children ages three, six and ten. I work part-time in the mornings while our two oldest are in school. I’ve always worked at least part-time so have some experience with childcare. The difference with our youngest is that she has Down Syndrome. She’s a sweet, easy toddler but obviously has special needs. We are very fortunate to have found excellent childcare for her. She is in a setting where she can socialize with a few other children while still getting the care she needs. I’m going to share how we went about finding childcare and how I was able to overcome the fear of leaving our baby girl with caretakers


What You Can Learn From Toddler Development Blogs

The best advice you can get about your toddler's development is from their doctor, but that doesn't mean you can't do your own research and learn about the subject. There are so many factors at play when your child is developing at a young age, and reading blogs can give you some basic knowledge that can help you. They may even alert you to signs that your toddler is struggling with a particular developmental stage, and you can reach out to their doctor to discuss it.

Here are some things you can learn from toddler development blogs:

Eating Habits

You can learn a lot from toddler development blogs about your child's eating habits, including things to be careful of and what to encourage. You may learn about foods that present potential choking or allergy hazards, and that you should wait until they're older before introducing them. There will also typically be some recommendations of healthy foods that your child should start eating to get the nutrients they need.

Sleeping Habits

As a parent, you know how difficult it can be to get your child to sleep through the night. By reading toddler development blogs, you can read about the experiences of other parents, which helps you feel more at ease about any issues you're experiencing. You'll likely also get some tips about what you can do to help improve your child's sleeping habits.

Motor Skills

Motor skills are a vital step in a toddler's development, but they can be a little confusing as well. It can be difficult to identify problems, especially if it's your first child. By reading toddler development blogs, you can learn about specific things to look for to figure out if your child's motor skills are developing properly.


Some kids talk more than others, and some will learn new words a little slower. If you read toddler development blogs, you can learn approximately how many words your child should know at their age, signs of problems, etc. In some cases, you'll get peace of mind that your child is learning to speak a little slower than other children their age, but still making enough progress.


Are you worried that your child isn't socializing with other children as well as they could be? You could get a lot of tips on how to encourage more socialization from toddler development blogs. Many other parents experience similar concerns, and reading their blogs on the subject is a great way to get tips on helping your child be more social.